Better Options Than Wood Fencing


Options For Avoiding The Bottom Gap On A Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is a favorite for many homeowners because it requires almost no maintenance and it can last a lifetime. Installation is also often quick, because it comes in pre-made panels that simply need to be attached to the posts after they are installed. One common challenge, though, is a gap underneath the panels. Since […]

New Homeowner Guide: How To Install A Snow Fence

Now that the effects of El Nino seem to be subsiding and cold air is blowing down from the north, there are large areas of the Northeastern United States getting snow – and lots of it. Living in rural and suburban areas typically means that the snow can blow for hundreds of yards across the […]

Tips For Staining Your Wood Fence

A stain on your fence not only looks great, but it also keeps your investment protected and lasting much longer than it would without a stain. Wood that has been stained offers protection from harsh conditions such as bad weather or insects. There are many different ways to stain your fence, and here you will […]

What Should You Do If Your Wrought Iron Fence Is Rusty?

Wrought iron fences can be stunningly beautiful. Plus, they are extremely strong and are built to last for many, many years. This doesn’t mean that they don’t experience problems, however. For example, if you have a wrought iron fence on your property that is old or that has been poorly maintained, you might have noticed […]

Tips For Caring For Your Electric Gate

An electric gate is great because of the level of convenience that it provides you. Therefore, you will want to make sure that it is always able to do its job by making use of the following tips. Keep The Brush Trimmed Back Some people like to line their fences with large bushes or shrubs. […]