If someone asked you to name fencing materials, which ones would you name first? Many people would first name wood and vinyl. Indeed, these fencing materials are quite common, and they make for some secure and attractive fences. However, there is another fence material that is rising up as a favorite: aluminum. While aluminum fencing is not necessarily right for everyone, it comes with a lot of advantages and is certainly worth considering if you need a new fence.

Aluminum does not rust or corrode easily.

If you want a metal fence, your three options are really wrought iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. Of the three, aluminum is the only metal that will not rust. It will eventually corrode, but this process takes a very long time in comparison to rust formation. Even in the outdoors, where it is constantly exposed to moisture and changes in temperature, an aluminum fence won't corrode to any notable degree for several decades.

Aluminum fencing is hard to climb.

Wood fences can offer privacy, but they are quite easy for someone to climb over because of the way they are constructed. An aluminum fence is harder to climb, which helps make it more secure. The aluminum itself tends to be slippery. Plus, these fences are usually made with vertical poles and few to no horizontal runners, so there are not a lot of footholds to use if someone were to attempt to climb the fence.

Aluminum fencing has a classic, versatile look.

Most aluminum fencing is black and is designed to look like wrought iron fencing, which is a classic option. While this fencing will look perfect in a modern yard, it also won't look out of place in a more traditional or country-style yard. If you put up a fence and then change your decor scheme, you can usually keep the fence and just re-landscape around it. The fence will still match.

Aluminum does not splinter or invite chewing.

If you have a dog, then an aluminum fence is a very wise choice. It does not splinter, so you do not have to worry about your dog catching themselves on it. It also does not appeal to dogs as a chewing surface, so you won't have to worry about them destroying it.

Aluminum is a fencing material that deserves more attention. Ask a local fencing company to show you some aluminum fencing styles, and pick one that appeals to you.  

For more info about aluminum fence installation, contact a local company.