Do you want a fence that is both durable and attractive? Are you looking for fencing that will offer privacy and give you a clear border between your yard and anyone who is neighboring you? Do you want to have an affordable fence that can add value and curb appeal to your home?

Cedar wood fencing is a wise choice as it covers much of the needs you have in a fence and is affordable as well. Learn why cedar wood fencing is your ideal choice for a fence, even if it means tearing out an older fence and replacing it with this material. You can have a fence contractor install your fence for you for faster and better results than installing your fence on your own, especially if it involves having gates or varied-height fencing put in. 

Cedar is very durable

Cedar is a common choice for wood fencing — alongside redwood — for two very good reasons: the wood is naturally water resistant and repelling to insects. This means the wood is very durable and requires very little care to keep it in its best condition. You can paint or stain cedar wood fencing to make it last longer and be more hands-free for care if you'd like, but it's not necessary to enjoy the fence. Your fencing contractor will show you the best ways to keep your fence durable and long-lasting.

Cedar is very affordable

Provided there is no inflated demand for cedar, this type of fencing is very affordable. Materials can be as cheap as five dollars a linear foot, not including installation. If you have a larger back or side yard to put fencing on and you want fencing that is private and appealing, then cedar wood fencing is a wise choice. Your fence contractor will give you an estimate for their services based on several factors, including the current cost of cedar, the size of your yard, removal of old fencing or prep work, and any custom features or additional gate installations.

Cedar is very attractive

If you want to have the same fence for years, then you want something that is attractive and will remain stunning for years to come. Cedar wood fencing is an ideal wood fencing choice and adds charm to any home of nearly any style. Whether you want to fence around the whole of your yard or just a small area, cedar will make your home stand out in a positive way.

Reach out to a cedar wood fencing contractor to learn more.