You may not have a fence around your yard, and up until now, it may have been fine. Depending on the region you live in and the neighborhood your home is in, there may be less need for a fence than some have in other areas. However, as things change, there can start to be more of a need for you to have a fence installed. Here are some signs that the time may have come where you should consider having a fence installed around your yard. 

You have neighbors you never had before

You may not have had many if any neighbors when you first bought your home. However, this may be something that has changed over time. If you have neighbors now, then you may have more of a need for a fence. If you have kids, then a fence will keep them in your yard so you have less to be concerned about. If your neighbors have dogs that run loose, then a fence prevents their dogs from becoming an issue for you and your family. Also, a fence will give you back some of your privacy by preventing the neighbors from being able to see in your yard and in your home. The fencing can also help you to signify your property boundaries to those neighbors so they don't use your property as if it is their own. 

You have people repeatedly coming onto your property

There can be a number of reasons why you end up with people coming onto your property. You may live on a corner lot, so people decide to cut through your yard and end up killing your grass. You may have lovely rose bushes, colorful flowers, or fruit trees in your yard. Some people feel it is perfectly fine to go in the yard and pick these things, but it is trespassing, and you likely don't appreciate it. You can have a fence installed to put an end to people coming right into your yard. 

You need to contain animals

If you have animals or you have decided you want to get some, consider having a fence put in. Some examples of animals that you should have a fence for include dogs, goats, potbelly pigs, and there are many other possibilities as well. A fence also offers you a good way to keep the pets contained in their own areas as well so they don't end up causing damage to other parts of the yard or causing problems with other animals.

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