If you look at properties in your neighborhood as well as nearby areas, you may find a lot of tall backyard fences. Although you may know that their height can play a huge role in the benefits that they provide, you may not want to add this particular kind of fence to your own backyard.

However, you should not hesitate to install a short fence as an alternative, especially when you learn about the benefits that you can get from this addition.

Physical Barrier

Without any fencing in your backyard, you may find it difficult to tell where your property ends. Fortunately, adding a short fence is all that you need to create a physical barrier around your property. This will make it easy for your children to know how far they can go when playing outside with the dog or their friends because a fence becomes a physical obstacle in the way.

Small Dogs

While a short fence is not a reliable feature for keeping medium to large dogs from leaving the backyard, you can rely on it stopping small dogs. So, if you are a small dog owner, you can look forward to this addition allowing you to let them roam around the backyard unleashed.


If you like communicating with your neighbors on a regular basis and watching out for each other, you may know that a tall fence would make this more challenging. So, you can look forward to adding a short fence because it will not block anyone from seeing into each other's yard.

This is an excellent quality if you go on vacations and work trips throughout the year because your neighbors can see your place clearly and let you know when they see anything suspicious.


Maintaining a healthy landscape may not feel too difficult when you have mostly native plants and an irrigation system that does most of the watering, but you can still experience problems.

For instance, you may find rabbits getting into your backyard and causing damage to your plants. When you make plans to install a fence that is at least three feet tall, you can look forward to preventing rabbits from getting onto your property as they cannot jump that high.

Although a short fence may come with different benefits than a tall fence, you will still find it incredibly beneficial to add one to your backyard for your family to enjoy.

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