If you live in a high-density neighborhood with lots of residents in the area, you may notice that the backyard fences do not go past a certain height. This is most likely the highest that is allowed in the city or neighborhood, which means you would need to also need to abide by this rule. If you are interested in installing a backyard fence, you should consider all the reasons to go with the tallest fence allowed over picking a height below the maximum.


A major benefit of getting the tallest fence that you can is enjoying protection. A person trying to get into your backyard to commit theft will have to try a lot harder to scale a tall fence over one that is only a few feet high. Combining this height with pointed pickets will prevent someone from being able to get a solid grip at the top of the fence to climb over comfortably.


Without a backyard fence, your family may not get much or any privacy. This is something that can discourage or prevent your family from doing certain activities out in the backyard. You may notice there are many drivers, neighbors, and pedestrians, outside on a regular basis. To get the privacy that you desire, you need to do more than just install a tall fence. It needs to be solid to prevent others from being able to see through into your yard.


If you have a landscape with delicate features, flowers, or shrubs that are susceptible to wind damage, you will appreciate being able to stop the wind with a tall fence. This will come in handy for anything that is low to the ground as that is where most of the wind will be blocked.


As a pet owner, you may not feel comfortable with opening the back door and letting your cats or dogs roam around outside without a fence to keep them from leaving. If you do not have large dogs that are great at jumping, you may feel confident with letting them outside at any time.

Installing a backyard fence is worth doing because it will benefit everyone in your house including your children, spouse, and pets in several ways. Learning about why you should opt for the tallest fence allowed will give you the confidence that you need to invest in such an addition. Contact a fence company for more information.