Vinyl fencing is a favorite for many homeowners because it requires almost no maintenance and it can last a lifetime. Installation is also often quick, because it comes in pre-made panels that simply need to be attached to the posts after they are installed. One common challenge, though, is a gap underneath the panels. Since each panel is the same height, any type of slope in your yard can result in a large gap. The following will illustrate some of the options for addressing this difficulty.

Option #1: The stepped installation

If you have a major slope, you may want to consider stair-stepping the panels down the slope. This means that the fence is leveled to the ground instead of being kept level along the top of the panels. This looks best when it is consistent along the entire length of the fence. For example, if you can drop each panel 6 inches lower than the one directly the the left of it, the stepped fence will have a uniform and attractive appearance.

Option #2: The mound technique

This is the option for a gentle or uneven slope. Instead of stepping the fence up and down, the soil is built up in the low-lying areas so the ground appears even along the fence line. This method is ideal if you have children you don't want slipping under a fence, or if you just don't like the look of the gap. It isn't ideal for dog owners, though, since a pup can easily dig through the mound.

Option #3: The barrier method

First, the fence is installed so it is level along the top. Then, the barrier is installed to cover the gaps. The most utilitarian yet inexpensive option, which still looks nice, is to use vinyl lattice cut to the size of the gap. There are also vinyl boards that can be used to create a barrier. Since the barrier is bolted to the actual fence, it provides a sufficient barrier for even a dog.

Option #4: Curbing as a base

One of the best-looking and durable options is to install concrete or masonry curbing along the fence line. The concrete is cast or the masonry is laid so that the top surface is level. The fence posts are then sunk into this curbing and your vinyl fence can be installed with no bottom gaps and a level top. As an added benefit, the curbing protects the fence from mechanical damage, such as from lawn mowers or string trimmers.

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