Vinyl-coated chain link fences look a bit more upscale than plain metal chain link. They're also less susceptible to the elements. But even vinyl chain link fences can't last forever, and at some point, the vinyl is likely to start peeling off of the fence at certain points. When this happens, you can usually get a few more years out of the fence as long as you address the issue properly. Here's how.

Cut away the peeling vinyl

Take a pocket knife and cut away any vinyl that is explicitly loose or peeling away from the fence. You can even use a pair of nail-cutting scissors for this task if you're not comfortable using a knife. Make sure there is no more loose vinyl left when you're finished. The edges should feel and look smooth.

Sand the exposed metal

Usually, the metal in the area where the vinyl is peeling will be at least a little bit rusty. If you don't get rid of the rust, the rest of the repair process will be for naught because your paint and epoxy won't stick. Take a coarse-grit sandpaper, such as a 40 or 50-grit, and sand off as much rust as you can. Working in small, circular motions usually helps. Once you've removed the majority of the rust, go over the area again with a finer-grit sandpaper like 150 or 200-grit. Don't stop sanding until the area feels very smooth to the touch.

When you're done sanding, wipe the area off with a damp towel. Then allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

Spray the area with rust-proof paint

Choose a spray paint in the same color as your fence's vinyl coating. Make sure it's made for metal and is designed to prevent rust. Spray on a light coat. Let it sit for an hour to dry, and then spray on a second coat. Then, let the painted area dry for an entire day before completing the final step.

Apply some epoxy

Look for clear epoxy sealer, such as the variety sold in little pots at craft stores. Use a small paintbrush (the type designed for watercolor paints is just fine) an apply a thin coat of the clear epoxy over the painted area of the fence. Make sure the epoxy extends over the edge of the exposed metal and onto the vinyl. This will help keep the vinyl from continuing to peel.

Follow the steps above whenever you see an area where the vinyl is peeling away. This process won't make your fence last forever, but it will delay your need to replace it. For more information, visit sites like