If you live in the country, you may still need a fence around your backyard to keep in dogs and kids. A fence may be even more important out in the country if you need to keep wildlife out of your garden and away from your pets. However, when you live in the country, you don't want a privacy fence that makes you feel like you still live in the city. Instead, a chain link fence is ideal. Here are a few reasons why.

Unobstructed Views

A big perk of living in the country is being surrounded by a beautiful view, whether it's a lake, colorful trees, or farmland. A chain link fence will protect your yard, but it won't block your view of the land. The fence is nearly invisible, and it blends in with the landscape. You'll still see what's going on around you so you can keep an eye on farm animals or traffic coming up your private lane. Even though it doesn't block your view, it still offers security. Your property will be much more secure with a chain link fence than with other options such as a split rail fence your dogs or kids can climb through.

Tolerates Weather Extremes

If your property is surrounded by miles of flat farmland, you may have strong winds blow through your yard. A benefit of a chain link fence is the winds blow right through it, so there is less risk of a bad storm blowing it down. You may get snow drifts against the fence in the winter, but you won't have to worry about low temperatures, moisture, or the weight of snow destroying your chain link fence. It is suitable for all climates and weather conditions. If you choose a traditional silver fence, the metal is treated to protect it from rust. If you opt for a fence wrapped in vinyl, the vinyl will protect the metal underneath from rust damage caused by prolonged contact with snow, high humidity, water puddles, or heavy rains.

Needs Little Maintenance

If you have wooden split rail fences, electric fences, or wire fences to keep your animals in place, you know how much maintenance they need, and how much trouble it is when a fence fails. One of the great things about a chain link fence is that it is basically maintenance free. That gives you peace of mind knowing the fence stays strong and doesn't succumb to rot or insect damage. You won't have to worry about your dog jumping against the fence and knocking it down or chewing through it.

Since the fence is so strong and hard to damage, you won't have to do much to it. You may want to inspect it occasionally and keep weeds pulled out of the fence, but you should never have to paint it to keep it looking good. A chain link fence is suitable for just about any type of property since the vinyl wrapping comes in different colors such as black, brown, and green. However, one of these fences is ideal for country life, and worth considering if you need to fence in your back yard.

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