Wrought iron fences can be stunningly beautiful. Plus, they are extremely strong and are built to last for many, many years. This doesn't mean that they don't experience problems, however. For example, if you have a wrought iron fence on your property that is old or that has been poorly maintained, you might have noticed that it has at least a few spots that are rusty.

Don't think that you will have to take down your entire fence to get rid of the rust, however. Instead, follow these tips to tackle your rusty wrought iron fence and to make it look fantastic.

Replace Highly Damaged Parts

Some parts of your fence might be rustier than others. For example, the parts that are most exposed to the wind and rain might be rustier than other sections of the fence. Believe it or not, a good fencing company that installs iron fencing can replace some parts of your fence while leaving behind the others. Once you add a coat of paint, you can blend all of the parts together so that they look cohesive. This is a good alternative to replacing the entire fence.

Sand It Away

If the corrosion on parts of your fence are only lightly affected by rust, you should be able to sand away the rust in these sections. For tiny sections, you can do it by hand with a small piece of sandpaper. For larger parts of your fence, however, you will probably want to rent or borrow a sandblaster to get rid of these larger sections of rust.

Paint It

Painting your fence is a smart decision for a few reasons. It will make it look fresh and new again, and it will help cover up any previously rusty spots. It can make your fence look like a whole unit if you had certain parts replaced, and it can also help prevent rust from resurfacing anytime soon.

Add a Protective Wax or Coating

You can add a protective wax or clear coating on top of the new paint job once it has dried thoroughly. Although the paint will help protect against rust, this added layer can help make your wrought iron fence last even longer.

Are you dealing with a rusty, unattractive wrought iron fence? If so, follow these steps to fix it up and make your iron fencing look great while also protecting it from future corrosion.