If you have a dog you need to keep in your yard, having a fence put up will allow you to contain your dog without needing to constantly keep an eye on it and without the use of a chain. If you are considering having a fence put up to contain your dog, then you should read this article so you understand why a chain link fence may be your best choice.

A chain link fence is not too confining

When you have a chain link fence installed around your yard, or around a certain portion of your yard, it won't make the yard feel cut off or smaller in size like some of the other types of fences do. The reason chain link fencing offers this openness is because of the large spacing between the links and the fact that the linkage is so thin.

If you are considering chain link, but you don't like the idea of your yard not having any privacy, then there are several things you can do to add privacy to a chain link fence. You can put slats through the linkage, use rolled wood to cover the fence or even grow ivy vines along the fencing.

Chain link fences can be tall

If you have a large sized dog or one that jumps high, then you won't want to trust a short or possibly even a medium height fence. You can have a chain link fence installed that's going to give you more than enough height to keep your dog from being able to clear the top of it to escape.

It can be a bit more challenging to make wood fences as tall as the taller chain link fences because the wood fences will require a good deal of support at the bottom to keep them securely in place.

Chain link fences are weather resistant

Once you have a fence put up to secure your dog, you want to forget about it and count on it to last. A chain link fence won't be affected by the heat, coldness, moisture, hail or snow.

Other fences can become weather damaged and this can lead to weak areas. Your dog can break through a weak area if you don't catch it in time to have it repaired.

Choosing the best type of fence to secure your dog will allow you to relax and let them have more freedom in the yard. Contact a company like Harrington & Company for more information.