Aluminum fencing is a beautiful addition to any property. In order to get the most life out of your aluminum fencing, you will want to install it carefully. Here is what you should do to prepare the area to ensure the stability of your fencing.

Clear the Fence Area

Before you install your fence, you should be sure to entirely clear the fence installation area. You can do this by making sure to remove any logs, rocks or debris. You should also cut the grass in the area fairly short so that you can install the aluminum fencing with little interference. 

Mark Utilities and Check Fence Codes

Clearly mark your utilities before you start digging post holes. This is the safest approach to installing your aluminum fencing. Contact your local utility providers well in advance of your intended installation date to be sure of where your utilities are located. Utility lines should be marked with chalk and color-coded flags that indicate the type of utility underneath.

You should also consult your local fence codes to ensure the fencing you're installing meets your area's requirements. You should also contact your homeowner's association to see if the aluminum fencing meets their criteria, as well.

String the Line

The first thing you want to do after your fence is approved and the utilities are marked is to plot out the path for your fence. This can be done easily with wooden stakes and construction twine. Choose tall yard stakes that you can comfortably see over any grass or brush in the area. It's a bonus if you get brightly colored yard stakes as well, as they are even more easily seen. Place the stakes where you want your post holes to go, being careful to account for the width of the posts in your stake placement.

The construction twine should then be wrapped around the yard stakes as tightly as possible without moving the stakes with the string's tension. The twine should be installed so that it's level with the ground. Your measurements will be inaccurate if the string is at an angle. 

Accurately placing the yard stakes will help you to effectively install your fence and to predig the post holes. Having the string to measure between yard stakes helps to make sure your fence measurements are accurate. There's nothing worse than buying too little or too much fencing. If you need more advice or if you'd like to have your fence installed professionally, contact a service like Fence-It.