If you're thinking of putting a fence around your property in order to enhance your privacy, there are two primary options to consider: solid wood and solid vinyl. While both will keep people from staring into your yard, and both can be made in many styles to suit your décor, there are some distinct advantages that vinyl fencing offers over wooden fencing. Consider these advantages as you make your choice.

You'll never have to paint, spray or otherwise treat a vinyl fence.

The higher price of vinyl fencing can turn some buyers off. Consider, however, that once you pay for that vinyl fence, you will have to put very little (if any) additional work or money into maintaining it. With a wooden fence, you'll spend money and precious hours staining, painting, and perhaps treating it with insecticides every few years. With a vinyl fence, the only maintenance you'll ever have to give it is a quick spray with the hose to remove dirt. Thus, in the long run, you may actually spend less on a vinyl fence.

Vinyl fences won't splinter.

Wooden fences often splinter, especially after they are a few years old. This can present several hazards. You might get a splinter when you brush against the fence, your pet may get splinters in its mouth should it decide to chew on the fence, and a child may actually sustain an injury on a larger splinter. Vinyl never splinters, so you, your kids, and your pets can touch and interact with it safely for as long as it lasts.

A solid vinyl fence can be assembled rather quickly.

When you have a solid wooden fence built, the contractors will have to spend a lot of time constructing a solid fence out of individual boards. Each board must be properly cut, sanded and attached to the adjacent ones. Vinyl fences, however, are pre-made in large, solid panels. When the fencing team arrives to install a vinyl fence, they will just have to insert the posts into the ground, and then attach all of the large panels. This is a much faster process and will likely mean you can enjoy the privacy offered by your new fence even sooner.

Vinyl fences are increasing in popularity and for good reason. They are easier to maintain, safer, and faster to install than solid wooden fences. If you can afford the slightly higher initial price of a vinyl fence when compared to a wood one, purchasing one is well worth your investment.