Vinyl fencing adds a polished charm to all types of property, including homes, farms and even businesses. Whether you choose the beauty of a white vinyl fence that reminds you of a white-washed farm fence or choose another color or style, vinyl fencing provides a durable, easily maintained fencing option that can add curb appeal to your property. If you have installed a vinyl fence or plan to do so in the future, the following tips will help you keep it looking like new, without using harsh chemicals or cleaners that pose a threat to the environment.  

General Cleaning

Just like other types of fencing, vinyl fencing products will occasionally need to be cleaned to remove dust, dirt, mud and debris. If the fence is located in an area where you can use a garden hose, a periodic spritz with the hose will help wash away loose dirt. 

For tougher dirt, traces of mold or to remove potentially harmful accumulations of road salt, a deeper cleaning should be done periodically to keep it looking its best, such as in the spring and fall of each year. Common household vinegar makes an excellent natural cleaning agent for vinyl siding that is safe for use around children, pets, landscaping and wildlife. 

To make a vinegar-based cleaner, combine: 

  • one quart of white vinegar
  • one gallon of warm water 
  • three drops of dish detergent 

Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a bucket and apply with a soft cloth or sponge, scrubbing gently to remove embedded grime and dirt. Wipe the cleaned areas dry with another soft cloth, continuing until all areas of the fence are cleaned. Pre-rinsing with a water hose will help loosen dirt and make the cleaning process easier. 

Removing Bird Droppings, Tar and Stains

An environmentally safe method to remove tougher stains such as dried on bird droppings, bits of road tar or stains from sap is to moisten a soft, clean cloth with water and then dip it into baking soda to create a cleansing paste. Use this safe cleanser to scrub the fence gently, removing all traces of the stain. 

After you have cleansed away the stain or dirt, clean any residue left by the baking soda by washing the area with the vinegar solution, as outlined above. 

If you find you have a unique cleaning problem to deal with that cannot be solved with these gentle methods, call a vinyl fencing contractor like Allied Fence of Tampa Bay and ask them to recommend an effective cleaning option that is safe for your fence and the environment.