If you are looking for the right type of fence for your yard, there are many things you need to consider so you know you are going with the best one. Each types of fencing will meet specific needs and some types serve several purposes. This article will help you determine which type of fence is going to give you the things you want and need in a fence.


When you want a fence for security, you can go with many types. Chain link fences, wooden fences, wrought iron fences and even picket fences can help to provide an added level of security as long as they are fairly tall. Anything that creates an added obstacle can help deter unwanted people from wanting to enter your yard.

Going with a chain link fence, wrought iron fence or picket fence will allow neighbors and anyone passing by your property to see if someone is vandalizing or breaking into your home. However, while wooden fences block the view of your home from those on the other side of the fence, they also make it more difficult for criminals to assess what your yard or home has to offer them.

Contain animals

If your reason for having a fence installed is to keep your pets in, then the fence needs to meet a few criteria. It needs to be tall enough so the pets can't climb it. Both wooden and chain link fences can meet this criteria. It also needs to be hard for them to dig under. A chain link fence can be better in this way since it can be buried into the ground if necessary. Wrought iron fences and picket fences can allow smaller pets to squeeze through.

If you have a dog who tends to bark at anyone, then a wooden fence that blocks a lot of their view can help cut down on the amount of barking they do since they won't see as many things to get them going. However, a chain link fence will let others plainly see that you have a dog, even if it isn't a barker.

Eye appeal

If you want a fence that gives your yard an appealing look, then you may want to go with something a bit more decorative. You can go with a wrought iron fence with interesting designs, a picket fence or even what is known as a neighbor friendly wooden fence. A neighbor friendly fence is one with staggered posts that looks decorative and the same from either side.

Once you find the best fence for your needs and have it installed, you can begin enjoying the benefits it offers and the security of knowing you made the best choice for your needs. Contact a local fencing contractor, like Four Corners Fencing, for more information.